Banquet Halls of Dykanka restaurant complex 

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Banquet Halls of Dykanka restaurant complex

At your disposal - gorgeous "Ekaterininskiy" banquet hall, stylish VIP hall, soulful "Dykanka", colorful "Korchma" and summer "Bungalow".

Dykanka restaurant complexis a unique place with five banquet halls for absolutely any occasion: wedding, hen party or stag party, birthday, anniversary, corporate party or a cozy celebration for a small company. In addition, you will enjoy democratic prices: only 600 UAH per person.


"Ekaterininskiy" banquet hall 

Large room with a luxurious decoration is an ideal place for comfortable celebrations. Royal atmosphere, separate entrance, a room for aperitifs, balcony and the scene will provide complete comfort to all guests of the festival! In addition, the bright colors of the hall - best solution for photo and video!

Ekaterininskiy banquet hall accommodates up to 65 people. If you decide to organize a corporate banquet, there will accommodate about a hundred guests!


Stylish and comfortable VIP hall

VIP hall is perfect for major events with a small number of guests - up to 14 guests.

Elegant interiors, stylish furniture, chamber atmosphere, as well as delicious dishes from our Chef - all this will set a special mood to your holiday. If you want to make a stylish zest to the celebration for the few, choose this room!



Dykanka Hall

In this hall you will find: an intimate atmosphere reminding of native Ukrainian traditions, which disposes to easy communication, delicious dumplings and pancakes, and of course, Cheering branded drinks - everything you need for an unforgettable festive evening!

Magic starry night reigns in the main hall of the restaurant. A spacious courtyard with trees and pretty Ukrainian lodges as if descended from the pages of books Nikolai Gogol, can accommodate up to 120 people!

And if suddenly during the revelry you want to talk heart to heart with someone of the guests, you can always move to a separate small hut!




"Korchma" banquet hall 

In "Korchma" you will find a warm welcome and excellent service, the original atmosphere in the best traditions of our favorite fantasy writer Gogol, and of course, delicious cuisine!

You will enjoy the magical surroundings of Ukrainian holiday, rich table full of dishes and original drinks! And also - a cheerful mood, cozy and warm atmosphere, the sea of pleasant experiences!


Hall accommodates up to 40 people! A great option for those who want to organize a holiday for a big number of friends "at the same table."



Amidst of natural beauty flaunts a large comfortable gazebo on wooden stilts - this is our summer "Bungalow". Surprisingly, you can feel as if you are in a pine forest without leaving the boundaries of the capital! :)

Offsite wedding ceremony - our pride and zest. Amidst the forest, on the meadow of Dykanka restaurant complex we will arrange for you a gorgeous wedding, and after the ceremony, after long-awaited kiss between the bride and groom fastening new family, guests can enjoy a cozy and soulful feast in the gorgeous atmosphere of "Catherine" banquet hall, or "Bungalow" surrounded by ancient pines and birdsongs!





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