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Summer bungalow

Large and small summer pavilions - in a pine forest in the middle of Kiev!

Amidst of natural beauty flaunts a large comfortable gazebo on wooden stilts - this is our summer "Bungalow". Surprisingly, you can feel as if you are in a pine forest without leaving the boundaries of the capital! :)


In recent years, most couples who are planning their marriage, do not want to get bored in the official registry office, and listen to the standard speeches on that most memorable day of their lives - they choose offsite ceremony. And no wonder, because this is most beautiful and exciting moment, which gives the newlyweds and all guests sincere emotions and unforgettable memories.


Offsite wedding ceremony - our pride and zest. Amidst the forest, on the meadow of Dykanka restaurant complex we will arrange for you a gorgeous wedding, and after the ceremony, after long-awaited kiss between the bride and groom fastening new family, guests can enjoy a cozy and soulful feast in the gorgeous atmosphere of "Catherine" banquet hall, or "Bungalow" surrounded by ancient pines and birdsongs!


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