Welcome to the restaurant 

Kiev, Malyshka str. 4-a
(near the department store "Children"s World", metro Darnitsa)
тел. (067) 434-05-02
We wait for you every day from 12:00 until 0:00

Welcome to the restaurant

Welcome to the restaurant "Dykanka"!

 Welcome to the restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine "Dykanka"!

In our restaurant you can always expect sweet Ukrainian lunch or dinner, prepared by authentic recipes and folk traditions of classical Ukrainian cuisine. Only here you can really feel the sincerity of Ukrainian hospitality and the warmth of the Ukrainian village.

On a table served in a middle of the yard, ruddy rings of homemade sausage breathes the scent which makes your head to spin, and next - "krovyanochka", potato pancakes, sauerkraut, herring with onions, a real Ukrainian borsch with "pampushkas" and Poltava bacon, aspic with horseradish sauce, mushrooms and many other dishes. The most honorable place in the middle of the table belongs to a bottle of "Hrenovuha". As soon as a shot wets the lips, the soul wants to sing songs that will play Ukrainian music and a big celebration will begin.

"Just come, come as quickly as possible; we will feed you so you will talk about it everywhere". Nikolai Gogol.

Such words come to mind to anyone who stepped into "Dykanka". Visiting our restaurant you will feel yourself as if in the hospitable Ukrainian family, where we are always happy to see new and old friends.

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